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NAMA Awards judging area in conference room

Last month, Will was honored to act as a judge for the Regional Best of NAMA Awards.

NAMA stands for National Agri-Marketing Association and is the association of all associations for agri-marketing professionals.

Every year, the National Agri-Marketing Association hosts the Best of NAMA Awards, which exists to recognize outstanding work within the agri-marketing space. To quote NAMA themselves, “Actually, [these awards honor] the best of the best, since companies and agencies must first qualify through regional competition in order to advance to the national level.”

Will was one of a select group of industry professionals invited to judge the regional level of this prestigious agriculture marketing competition. Judging took place at the Sheraton Crown Center in Kansas City. He was privileged to see some really creative advertising creative work related to the agriculture industry from all over the United States.

Hunt Marketing CEO hold up badge at Best of NAMA judging

Judges reviewed a variety of marketing creative including:

  • Campaigns

  • Print

  • Broadcast Media

  • Electronic Media

  • Direct/Target Marketing

  • Outdoor

  • Collateral

Entries were evaluated based on the following criteria, which was weighted accordingly.

  1. How well does this communication solve the stated problem or opportunity? - 30%

  2. How do you want the intended audience to feel, think or act after seeing the work? What do you want the intended audience to do? - 30%

  3. Identify the target audience and provide rationale for why the audience was chosen. - 20%

  4. How original is this idea? How well is it executed? - 20%

Hopefuls have the chance to win one of five Best in Show awards. Ultimately, one Best in Show winner will be named Best of NAMA Grand Champion. All five Best in Show winners will be entered to have their work judged at the national level as well.

We’d be remiss not to mention that Hunt Marketing put our own creative hat in the ring at the 2022 Regional NAMA Awards. Don’t worry though, it’s all on the up and up. Will was not allowed to act as judge on any of our creative and had no influence on the outcome regarding our team’s work. What’s the point of winning something if you don’t win fair and square? Our fingers are crossed and we’ll keep you updated. Wish us luck!

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Hunt Marketing is located in Oxford, Miss. Through the unity we share as a team, the bonds we forge with our clients and the relationships our clients build with their customers, we help you cultivate connection so you can grow, in every way that matters.

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