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  • Kallen Alderman


For our friends at DeVoe Carr, PLLC, in Oxford, Mississippi, a website refresh was well overdue. The content was outdated, the design didn’t fit their brand, the site was unresponsive on mobile and its capabilities were limited. We partnered with their team to give the website an overhaul that met their needs and standards.

After a discovery session with the DeVoe Carr team, we identified potential areas of improvement.


  • Outdated content and photos

  • Inconsistent with brand identity

  • Lack of technical capabilities

  • Difficult to manage

Through internal collaboration and analysis of DeVoe Carr’s website needs, we redesigned their website to give it a modern feel that would allow them to easily update their site and content as needed.


  • Custom photography

  • Copy that aligns with both the client’s and Raymond James’s standards

  • Easily accessible IRS forms

  • Detailed services

  • Easy-to-update, manageable and responsive platform

  • Localized feel fitting brand standards

You can check out the new DeVoe Carr website by visiting

If you or your business are in need of a website overhaul, contact us today by emailing, calling 662.380.2138 or visiting our Contact page.


Kallen Alderman is the senior content strategist at Hunt Marketing. She juggles multiple social accounts for our clients, edits all of our projects and is our resident pop culture expert. Connect with Kallen at

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