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  • Caitlyn Ross


Google has become a part of the digital strategies for many of our clients. I earned my Google Ads Search Certification in August of 2019. 

Google Ads has allowed me to gain a better understanding of our clients and what they provide to consumers. I get to step into each consumer’s mind when I choose keywords and search terms relevant to their interests and behaviors. On the flipside of that, I also have the responsibility of highlighting the most important elements of our clients’ goods and services when it comes to writing the actual ads that will show. 

One of my favorite parts of working in this area of digital marketing is developing relationships with my teammates in the office and with my Google reps. Gaining insight and understanding into what each client wants to accomplish while also having access to knowledgeable professionals who can advise on how to reach those goals is invaluable. Through combining knowledge of our clients and skills acquired through completing Google courses and running campaigns, our team is able to continually deliver results for our clients that meet and exceed their respective industry’s benchmarks. 

Ultimately, the Google Ads Search Certification helps our team make sure our clients’ marketing is cutting edge from strategy to design and everything in between.


Caitlyn Ross is the account coordinator at Hunt Marketing. She’s also our resident “hostess with the mostest,” which means her strategic brain is always at work making things the best they can be. Connect with Caitlyn today at

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