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Hunt Marketing is thrilled to announce that our “Dreaming of Green” billboard won a 2022 Regional Best of NAMA Award.

The National Agri-Marketing Association (NAMA) awarded the outdoor board regional first place in the billboard category.

“Dreaming of Green” was also awarded a regional first honor, which means the creative will go on to compete with other awesome work at the national level of this year’s National Agri-Marketing Association awards competition in Kansas City, MO.

The National Agri-Marketing Association hosts its annual Best of NAMA Awards to honor excellent work within the agri-marketing space. In fact, NAMA states that, “Actually, [these awards recognize] the best of the best, since companies and agencies must first qualify through regional competition in order to advance to the national level.” Wow!

To be considered for a Regional Best of NAMA Award, submitted creative had to answer the following:

  1. What is the challenge/opportunity the communication is expected to solve?

  2. How do you want the intended audience to feel or think after seeing the work? What do you want the intended audience to do?

  3. Identify the target audience and provide rationale for why the audience was chosen.

For countless families, farming is a generational endeavor. For many, this means the love of agriculture is instilled at a young age. The “Dreaming of Green” billboard captures and celebrates the innocence and wonder exhibited by so many potential future farmers. The board also showcases smaller, toy versions of the John Deere products that allow them to dream big.

The billboard, which can be seen below, was developed for our friends at WADE, INC.

Billboard shows child playing with John Deere tractor toy with a headline that reads, "Every little farmer dreams of green."

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If you’re a faithful reader of our blog, you already know Will was invited to act as a judge for the 2022 Regional NAMA Awards. As we stated there, Will judged in a separate region and had no influence on the outcome regarding our team’s work. What’s another word for a dishonest win? A loss. That being said, we’re super proud of our team for a job well done!


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