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NAMA Awards judging area in conference room

Hunt Marketing has long loved partnering with businesses in the agriculture space, a feeling that was amplified after our first visit to the JDUG Summit, a conference for John Deere dealers.

For those not in the agri-marketing world, JDUG stands for JDIS Users Group. This organization is composed of John Deere dealers as a way to support said dealers in their business operations.

With JDUG 2022 on the horizon, we thought it would be fun to throw it back to 2020 when the Hunt Marketing team attended our first JDUG Summit in New Orleans, LA. Keep reading for 3 things we took away from working in the agricultural marketing space!

  1. These John Deere dealers really care. Thanks to our relationship with John Deere dealers with locations across Mississippi (and now Louisiana), we’d already experienced this fact for ourselves. Still, it was very cool to speak with business owners not only about their agriculture marketing needs, but also about how they dig down deep to help each customer, from initial inquiry to the purchase of their John Deere products. The same level of care extends well beyond the initial purchase into the areas of parts and service. Farming communities are tight-knit, thanks to the salt-of-the-earth people who comprise them. The John Deere dealers we met at JDUG 2020 proved once again that they take the responsibility of being a vital part of those communities very seriously.

  2. Always be prepared. Obviously, this saying is true for farmers and for the John Deere dealers who serve them, but it’s also true for marketing teams like ours. We went into our first JDUG Summit with smiles on our faces, prepared to discuss any questions visitors to our booth may have about our comprehensive marketing services, especially in the area of agriculture marketing. We took plenty of batteries, pens and bottled water. We wore comfortable shoes. Still, we never could have prepared for the moment you’re about to see below.

  3. Agri-marketing is fun! Last but not least, our first John Deere marketing conference proved to us once more that marketing in the agricultural space is fun! At Hunt Marketing, we never want clients to feel like our business is transactional. We pride ourselves in becoming partners with our clients by building meaningful relationships as we work towards a common goal. We had a blast meeting people who shared this mindset, learning new things and discussing all things John Deere green. We leave you with this photo of a moment that has become iconic in our office: our CEO & President Will Hunt in a planking competition with a fellow JDUG attendee.

We can’t wait for 2022’s JDUG Summit in Orlando, FL! In the meantime, click here to learn more about our experience marketing John Deere products or here to contact us.


Hunt Marketing is located in Oxford, Miss. Through the unity we share as a team, the bonds we forge with our clients and the relationships our clients build with their customers, we help you cultivate connection so you can grow, in every way that matters.

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