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  • Emily Kidd


If you’ve ever made a big move in your life, you know it can be tough. Pulling away from the people you love, a job you’re invested in, everything you’re comfortable with - there’s a reason they call it being uprooted! 

Something else they say is, “Bloom where you’re planted.” This phrase is something I’ve tried to embrace ever since moving from Kentucky to Mississippi in 2017. Everyone wants to get to the blooming part, right? The planting part is a little trickier. Much like watching a seed grow into a flower, planting yourself in a new community in such a way that life can actually flourish takes time, effort, patience and an environment that allows for the opportunity to grow. 

This last piece is where Leadership Lafayette comes in. Established in 1988, this program features a series of carefully crafted training sessions and team activities designed to develop inductees as we work to:

  • Find more effective ways to contribute to the Lafayette-Oxford-University (LOU) community

  • Sharpen leadership skills

  • Learn more about the place in which we live or work

Talk about an opportunity!

I’m honored to have been accepted as a member of the 2020 Leadership Lafayette class. As eager as I am to learn more about the LOU community and meet more of the wonderful people here, I think the thing I'm most looking forward to is the service project we’ll be working on throughout the duration of the program. I’m excited to explore challenges facing our community and for the chance to work with others to help influence those issues for the better. 

By digging into this new opportunity, I hope to deepen my roots in the Lafayette-Oxford-University space, grow in my leadership skills and work to bloom where I’m planted.


Emily Kidd is the senior account executive at Hunt Marketing. A native Kentuckian, Emily brings her Southern charm and go-getter attitude to every project. Connect with Emily today at

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