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Moving is always a time of excitement. Hunt Marketing began work at our new office on January 2, 2018, and ever since, we have been discovering new things we love about the space. Incorporated into the design is something for everyone: a dry erase wall, an outdoor seating area, two and a half times the space of our last building and more.

There is a lot to love about the space, so we asked everyone:

What is your favorite part about the new office?

Will Hunt: My favorite part about the office is how it has enhanced our ability to provide a fun, creative space for our team to enjoy and thrive in.

Kallen: The roomy outdoor space, which is available for taking brain breaks outside or eating lunch. We also have more space, which I think makes everyone happier, in turn increasing productivity and producing a positive environment.

Beth: Having a space that is easily accessible for our clients is a great plus!

Hill: There’s so much more room for activities! The long hallway is great for morning stretches and afternoon lunges. Our new, custom-designed conference room is wonderful for client meetings, but it is also great for a lunch meditation sesh!

Caitlyn: My favorite part of the new office is all of the natural light!

Amy: I love that we all have our own space, but it’s connected for easy access to each other. It allows for focus but doesn’t misplace our team collaboration, which is vital to us. Also, I love the space to allow for fun. It makes my heart happy to see people doing putt-putt and laughing.

Emily: Now that it’s warmer out, my favorite part is the balcony area. It really breaks up the day to be able to enjoy nature while you work. Speaking of, I am also falling in love with the sidewalks that surround our office leading to the park. That is something I have been taking advantage of every week.

Will Moore: I enjoyed being involved in most of the interior design elements. We were able to give this space personality. Other than that, I would say my favorite part is knowing I’ll have a spot to park each day.

Victoria: The new office is symbolic of how we have grown over the years and a testament to all the hard work our team has accomplished. That is my favorite part.


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