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  • William Hunt


What drives you to succeed? For me, one of my biggest motivators is my inability to speak in certain situations.

I cannot remember when it started or if I have always had an issue with stuttering or not being able to speak. One particular issue was not being able to say my own name when introducing myself.

These situations are very demoralizing. They always have been a major motivating factor for why I want to succeed in life and in business.

I share my story to encourage and inspire those that have challenges and issues to overcome and to use those to build determination.

The inability to introduce myself has occurred many times in my life, but there are two instances that I still remember clearly. One was on my first business trip. I had set up a big meeting with the CEO of a thriving company, and I was not able to introduce myself. The second was during a meeting with several influential and represented business leaders, and again, I was not able to introduce myself. When have you experienced challenges in your life that you remember clearly like this?

I took both of these instances (and many others) hard, wondering why I had been given these challenges. I had been given a lot in life, and these challenges have always kept me grounded and inspired me to want to do more with my life.

I have looked at business and political leaders, such as Winston Churchill, Jack Welch and Richard Branson, who also struggled with stuttering and use those examples to inspire me to overcome and succeed.

It is important to find people that inspire you to do more in both your personal and professional life, as their success will encourage you to provide a better world for others.

Please feel free to share your own challenges and how you have overcome them. It will inspire others.

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