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Custom embroidery by one of our talented graphic designers, Keirston Lee.

It’s a well-known notion that “teamwork makes the dream work.” Though we can’t speak for everyone, our team at Hunt Marketing finds a great deal of truth in that.

So, what exactly is the dream?

For us, it’s making a difference. We want to make a difference in a client’s business. We want to make a difference in how their audience perceives them. And, last but not least, we want to make a difference in both our industry and theirs.

We do that by collaborating.

Our team members possess different specialties, different backgrounds and different personalities. In order to achieve this dream and stay motivated, we emphasize these five key values in our day-to-day operations.

1. Ask for help or advice

First off, it’s important to recognize that you can’t do everything alone 100% of the time. Second, embracing your team is a great way to boost office morale, because it’s a compliment to consider others' opinions and ideas. It shows that you value your peers.

2. Work together by laughing together

At Hunt Marketing, we tend to create our best work when we take the time to drop everything and bounce ideas off one another. About 80% of what we suggest is absolutely ridiculous and said in a joking manner, but more often than not, that’s where the really creative and workable 20% comes from. Not to mention, everyone could use a few mid-day laughs now and then.

3. Challenge each other

It’s easy to get in a routine of completing your necessary tasks and repeating the same process day after day. This work style KILLS creativity. By pushing each other and encouraging “next-level” work, team members are encouraged to provide a “wow-factor” to each other, not just the client.

4. Give compliments

One thing you should never be shy about in a creative environment is giving compliments. It gives colleagues motivation and more confidence in their work. However, it’s more effective when your words actually mean something. Instead of just saying “good job,” explain what you like about the product. Even when providing criticism, back it up with what you admire about it to show you support your coworker’s creative liberties.

5. Have a team attitude and notice your words

A big pet peeve in the workplace is the word “I.. Even if you solely created something on your own, it was created on behalf of your business and, in the end, couldn’t be possible without your coworkers. Strive to always replace “I” with the word “we” and give credit where it's due.

We are always looking for new businesses to add to our team! If you’re interested in expanding your marketing efforts or looking for help kickstarting your business, contact us here!

The Hunt Marketing team attending a team-building event at the local bowling alley.

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