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  • Emily Kidd


Although COVID-19 has dampened the media industry landscape in many ways, magazines appear to be having an uptick in popularity. However, while interest appears to be up, revenues continue to decline, statistically speaking. So, what does this really mean for the industry and, more specifically, Hunt Marketing’s clients?

Despite the fact that magazine readership appears to be up amidst the pandemic, ad spend is overall trending down. For publications with advertisers as the keystone of their revenue generation model, this could spell bad news for the future.

“Finding a sizable audience has not been a problem for publishers. Hunger for news in a time of crisis has sent droves of readers to many publications. But with businesses paused or closed — and no longer willing or able to pay for advertisements — a crucial part of the industry’s support system has cracked.” - New York Times, April 2020

When we look at magazine placements for our clients moving forward, here are the pros and cons we’re considering:

The Hunt Marketing team will continue evaluating magazine ad placements for our clients on a case-by-case basis while taking their individual goals and budgets into consideration. At the end of the day, staying on top of big-picture happenings is important, but each client’s specific strategy will forever reign supreme.


Emily Kidd is the senior account executive at Hunt Marketing. A native Kentuckian, Emily brings her Southern charm and go-getter attitude to every project. Connect with Emily today at

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