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We build


Whether we’re taking a partner’s marketing goal and turning it into a strategic campaign chock-full of engaging creative that inspires action or helping one of our own reach their full potential, we build great brands.

Each member of the Hunt team brings unique personalities and skills to the table, but our shared commitment to build great brands, no matter the context, unites us. The pursuit of this common purpose is supported by applying a consistent set of values to everything we touch. We build great brands.

We attract


Hunt attracts great team members and great partners to build great brands. Hunt stands as the example of how a marketing firm in a small college town in America makes a positive, global impact.

Our passion and care for our team members and our partners shines a positive light throughout the world. Great leaders are attracted to that bright, shining light and want to engage with us. We are building a center of greatness. Right here in Oxford, Mississippi. A creative campus where our company culture shines forth into the world. Something so attractive that people journey from far and wide to experience it.

Hunt BG Navy 1.JPG




We believe

At Hunt, we genuinely care about the people that power a business. That sentiment shines brightest within the walls of our own office. We’ve seen firsthand that when you enjoy the people you work with, the work itself benefits. Where do happy partnerships begin? With a happy team. As a group of problem solvers, we’re proud to support one another in such a way that allows for true work/life balance, because teamwork really does make the dream work.


We prioritize

We’re not a transactional business. It just doesn’t bring us joy to work that way. We put authenticity in relationships above all else by operating from a place of integrity and trust. We make this a priority for our team and value the opportunity to partner with business leaders who share in that commitment.


We show up

Step into our office and you may hear the phrase “BYOE.” What does this mean? Bring your own energy, of course! We rely on attributes like optimism and communication to keep things running smoothly for everyone. There’s no better way to ensure you’re reaping the benefits of such things than to intentionally contribute to our team’s positive culture yourself!


This commitment extends to our partners as well. We consider it a privilege to make genuine efforts to connect with the people we serve. Sometimes this looks like traveling for face-to-face meetings, and sometimes it looks like surprising partners with what we Southerners call a little “happy” just because!

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