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AgLaunch: Celebrating 15 Years of Hunt with Giving

Hunt has come a long way since our founding in 2009. We’re excited to celebrate our 15th year in business by sharing with others! This year, we’ve selected 15 charities to give $1,000 each towards their mission, resulting in $15,000 total in gifts overall to commemorate this milestone.

Keep reading to learn more about another of these awesome organizations, AgLaunch!.

About AgLaunch

AgLaunch works to assist historically underserved farmers and ranchers. Director of Entrepreneurship, Sarah Varble, applied for Hunt’s 15th anniversary gifting initiative and shared a bit more with our team about how this organization changes lives.

“AgLaunch is revolutionizing the landscape of agriculture and food innovation, fostering a more diverse and sustainable farm economy while ensuring access to nutritious food for all,” said Varble. “The vision is to transform regional agriculture and food economies, emphasizing farmers, innovation, equitable participation and prosperity.”

The $1,000 given by Hunt supported a field day at Coleman Farms in Lexington, Mississippi.

“James Burch, a retired veteran, is working to restore his family farm to productivity after 50 years of dormancy. Located in a food desert, Mr. Burch is growing vegetables to serve the local community and is committed to educating the next generation of young farmers,” said Varble.

The event explored cover crops, hoop house production, water catchment systems, soil health and agroforestry on a small vegetable farm. Mr. Burch also shared his Cluster Anchor Farm Initiative, which enables local farmers to share resources and work cooperatively to maximize market opportunities and minimize equipment costs.

It’s an honor to support this incredible initiative. To learn more about AgLaunch, check them out online.


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