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BLAC, Inc.: Celebrating 15 Years of Hunt with Giving

ICYMI: We were elated to celebrate Hunt’s 15th anniversary with a special gifting initiative. We can think of no better way to commemorate 15 years in business than to share our good fortune with others!

This year, we selected 15 charities to give $1,000 each towards their mission, resulting in $15,000 total in gifts overall! Now, enough about us. Let’s talk about one of these incredible organizations, BLAC, Inc.!

About BLAC, Inc.

BLAC, Inc.’s mission is, “To bring more Black people into advertising, ensuring they can fully express themselves, find community, and ultimately lead.” The organization connects applicants from across the country with a 12-week paid marketing/advertising internship. Upon the completion of this internship, interns join an ever-growing network of peers and other marketing professionals as they continue to grow in their careers.

Our team had the opportunity to connect with Executive Director, Nicolet Gatewood, as well as one of BLAC, Inc.’s founders, Toni Lee, to hear a bit more about the awesome things this organization is doing.

“Interest has essentially doubled every year since our founding [in 2021],” said Toni.

Currently, roughly 70% of the program's alumni are employed in advertising-related fields. Many of BLAC Inc.’s interns are still students and have yet to hit the job market, so to say the program is impactful is an understatement! Check out this AdAge article about BLAC, Inc., alum, Kai Fields, for an excellent example of such impact.

To learn more about BLAC, Inc., check them out online. Don’t miss their awesome Alumni Shine series on LinkedIn, too!


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