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Express Care Expands to New Locations

Please help us celebrate our awesome partner, Express Care, and the expansion of their business! 

Express Care is a walk-in clinic that offers urgent care services 7 days a week. They operate from 5 clinics across Mississippi. Their most recent additions are locations in Starkville, MS and Tupelo, MS. 

Sr. Videography Hill Ray, CEO & President Will Hunt, and Social Content Manager AK Harper enjoy the EC New Location Grand Opening

Hunt is honored to work for Express Care by assisting with social media advertising strategy. 

Hunt’s common purpose is, “We build great brands.” Express Care certainly falls into that category and we couldn’t be more thrilled to celebrate their growth! Learn more about them at

Is it time for your great brand to grow too? We can help! Reach out to to learn about putting our team to work for you!


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