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Joy Closet: Celebrating 15 Years of Hunt With Giving

We’re honored to celebrate our 15th year as a company this year. We’ve come a long way since our founding in 2009! To celebrate, we’ve selected 15 organizations to donate $1,000 each towards their missions, resulting in $15,000 total in overall, gifts to commemorate 15 years in business.

Keep reading to learn more about another of these wonderful organizations, Joy Closet!

A table is filled with donations of things like hygiene items and toys.

About Friends of Joy Closet

Located in Hopkinsville, KY, Joy Closet was founded in 2021 to support foster and kinship families in the Hopkinsville region. They started with humble beginnings by offering a closet full of items that families might need when they say “yes” to caring for foster children. Items to fill the closet were provided by the community and included clothes, hygiene items, any and all baby supplies, beds and bedding, toys and more.

Children view items available for them to take home from the Joy Closet .

“Joy Closet is a true labor of love for us as we strive to stand in the gap, be a voice and support the most vulnerable children in our region,” said Assistant Director, Tressy Wells. “As we [initially] began working with the families and social workers in our area, we realized the needs for our region's most vulnerable children were so much greater than we could have imagined.”

This realization led to the launching of two more initiatives: the Eagle Fly Program and Hope House.

The Eagle Fly Program matches trained and vetted adult mentors with children who are aging out of foster care. This is a particularly vulnerable time as there is a lack of support for older kids once they age out. Joy Closet’s latest initiative, Hope House, will be a house for social workers to use to ease the stress of a child’s transition into foster care. Rather than a sterile office environment, children will be welcomed into this house by experienced volunteers as they work to find a foster home placement. By serving as a soft place to land, Hope House will bring hope to children on an incredibly difficult day.

A portion of the $1,000 given by Hunt will be used to cover operating costs of the Eagle Fly Program. Another portion of the funds will go to support Joy Closet’s Hope House initiative.

It’s an honor to support organizations that are making a real difference, like Joy Closet! To learn more about them, visit


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