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Lovepacks Highlight: Celebrating 15 Years of Hunt With Giving

What started as a small business operated out of Will and Beth’s apartment located in Washington D.C. in 2009 has grown into what we know as Hunt today. (Learn more about Hunt’s journey in our founders’ story.)

We can think of no better way to celebrate our 15th year in business than to share our good fortune with others! 

This year, we’ve selected 15 charities to donate $1,000 each towards their mission, resulting in $15,000 total in gifts overall! Now, enough about us. Let’s talk about this month’s organization, Lovepacks! 

About Lovepacks

In 2010, a Oxford-area teacher noticed one of her student’s backpacks was dripping milk from the leftover cartons the child took from fellow classmates’ trays. When she asked why they had so many, she soon discovered that the student was saving them to take home for the weekend.

Not long after, local mothers took action by meeting with the school district counselors and teachers where they discovered there were many students who depended on the schools to provide breakfast and lunch during the week. However, the weekends posed a challenge as students who received school aid were left to fend for themselves. The moms began a pilot program at Bramlett Elementary where they made packs of shelf-safe food, known as Lovepacks, to give to the students. From there, teachers were responsible for discreetly slipping the Lovepack into the child’s backpack. Thus began the creation of the organization known as Lovepacks which was founded by Camie Bianco and Mary Leary.

After just one year of operation, the foundation obtained its 501 (c) 3 non-profit status and now provides 287 lovepacks each week to 11 schools in Oxford and Lafayette County school districts.

With the funds donated by Hunt, Lovepacks will be able to provide 142 lovepacks to the children in need. What a privilege to support such a worthy cause!

To learn more about this wonderful organization, and see how you can help further the cause, visit


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