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Ole Miss Athletics Peach Bowl Billboards

Even the best creative can fall flat if the placement and timing isn’t right. Recently, our team had the chance to help Ole Miss Athletics make a huge creative impact with billboards positioned in the right place at the right time. 

In case you missed it, Ole Miss not only made it to, but won the Peach Bowl this year. Their participation was well publicized thanks in part to some awesome outdoor boards.

Ole Miss billboard reading "Are you ready?" outside of Mercedes-Benz Stadium

“Are you ready?” You could say that, yes. Our team was poised and ready to place Ole Miss’ message on a number of strategically outdoor boards like the one above. As soon as the Ole Miss football team won the game that put them into the Peach Bowl, our team sprang into action (special shout out to Media Manager, Lily Hurt)!

The result was an outdoor push that was well timed and well placed. Are you looking for an attentive team to help push your great brand forward? Reach out to to learn about putting our team to work for you! 


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