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Oxford Site Work Company Branding

Graphic design work is one of our creative team’s favorite things to do. Just ask our awesome Creative Director, Will Moore and super talented Graphic Designer, Sadie Smith! Some of our design work is award-winning, having taken home honors at things like the National Agri-Marketing Association awards!

Every now and then, we get the chance to take those skills one step further and help a partner establish a new business, developing everything from the business name to colors and logo. 

Recently, we were honored to put our expertise to good use for Oxford’s newest site work company. We partnered with their team to develop a brand for their company from the ground up!

Check out all the options below & see which concept they ultimately selected. 

Site Worx

The Name: This name is clear-cut with a bit of flare. Site work is what this company provides and the “x” in the spelling is a nod to the excavation aspect of that service.

Logomark: The logo itself incorporates design elements that are tough and dynamic.

The Site Worx logo features an excavator as the "x"

Various mock ups of the The Site Worx logo that features an excavator as the "x"

Ground Work

The Name: A key factor in any project running smoothly? Laying the groundwork. Thankfully, that’s exactly what this company exists to do.

Logomark: This logo utilizes block design elements to symbolize laying a strong foundation. A roughened texture simulates hard work being done in the dirt as site work is completed.

The Ground Work logo features an interlocking G image

Various mock ups of the The Ground Work logo that features an interlocking G image


The Name: An axis is, “a main line of direction, motion, growth, or extension.” Axis can also mean, “a partnership or alliance around which another relationship centers.” Preparing the site for a construction project is pivotal to that project’s success. Providing a smooth partnership for that work to be completed is key to a positive result for all involved. As the team responsible

for site work, this company is the axis around which all of that centers.

Logomark: Axis is a strong and memorable word that also allowed for an abstract “A” logomark that, again, nods to the excavation aspect of this business.

The Axis logo features an abstraction of an excavator that looks like an "A"

Various mock ups of The Axis logo that features an abstraction of an excavator that looks like an "A"

Ultimately, our partner selected Axis Site Work (Axis) as their new business name. Axis is headquartered in Oxford and serves customers across North Mississippi to prepare construction sites of all kinds.

We’re excited to see how this branding helps Axis stand out to new customers!

Check out more of Hunt’s graphic design work here and reach out to to learn about putting our team to work for you!


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