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The KBH Corporation Design Work

Graphic design work is one of our creative team’s favorite things to do. Just ask our awesome Creative Director, Will Moore and super talented Graphic Designer, Sadie Smith! In fact, some of our design work is award-winning, having taken home honors at things like the National Agri-Marketing Association awards!

Recently, we were honored to put our graphic design skills to good use for The KBH Corporation (KBH). We partnered with them to create a series of print pieces that can be given directly to their target audience at things like trade shows. 

Detailed graphic of KBH products with QR codes

KBH is headquartered in Clarksdale, MS and serves customers nationwide by offering excellent “extra strength farm equipment”. They produce things like dry fertilizer tenders, seed tenders and cotton harvest equipment, just to name a few! 

Print pieces like this one will assist KBH with connecting with their customer face to face, and leaving those people with something to refer back to following that initial interaction. 

Check out more of Hunt’s graphic design work here and reach out to to learn about putting our team to work for you! 


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