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The following blog was written by Addison Hunt. Before Addison headed into her senior year at Oxford High School, she spent some time interning with and shadowing the Hunt Marketing team.

We loved having Addison with us and hope you’ll enjoy reading about her experience!

Addison Hunt smiles in front of a blue sky filled with white fluffy clouds.

As I ended my junior year of high school, the words “resumé” and “college” were thrown in your face constantly. I decided to further my experiences in a professional environment through an internship at my uncle’s marketing firm, Hunt Marketing. This ended up as a beneficial experience for us both.

Throughout my years at Oxford High School, I was heavily involved in the TV and broadcasting department. This sparked an interest in marketing, especially the videography aspect of the business. In TV and broadcasting, I was a news reporter, editor, videographer and director.

I also was familiar with marketing through my job at Lulu’s Shoes and Accessories on the Oxford Square. I’ve worked there since my sophomore year and have learned the ins and outs of marketing products to potential customers. I learned the importance of advertising through social media and providing great customer service.

When I stepped into Hunt Marketing on my first day, I was nervous yet reassured in my personal knowledge. As definitely the youngest member of the office, I spent my first day brainstorming Facebook captions on a social media post calendar for a few of Hunt Marketing’s clients. This was extremely similar to creating captions for the Lulu's Instagram at work.

Every Tuesday and Thursday from 1-5pm for 3 weeks, I spent time in the Hunt Marketing office absorbing as much knowledge as possible. I spent time with their senior videographer and was even able to edit a TikTok on Adobe Premiere, a platform unfamiliar to me.

I helped brainstorm ideas for TikToks, come up with headlines, and I even got to attend a photoshoot at Cannon for an upcoming ad. This was eye-opening to the enormous amount of ground Hunt Marketing covers in their services to their clients. Even though it seemed overwhelming, each employee works separately and together to accomplish a common goal for their clients.

Senior Videographer Hill Ray points his camera to take a photo while Addison observes. A black dog lays at Hill’s feet.

As this is my uncle’s business, I wasn’t worried about not knowing anyone at work. However, I saw my uncle less than half the time I was there, as I spent most of my time with the rest of the team. Even without my family there, everyone was extremely nice and welcoming to me. They were always ready to answer my questions and explain what they were doing.

I was unsure of what to expect in my shadowing/interning experience, but I am grateful I went out of my comfort zone this summer. I gained insight in the business world and specifically in the marketing world.

I would recommend anyone that is qualified and interested in getting involved in the marketing world to definitely do it. No one realizes the vast expanse of knowledge they have until they put it to use.

Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us, Addison! Readers who are interested in learning more about internships with Hunt Marketing can keep an eye out for available positions here.


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