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Food Is Fun: A Campaign for Corner Market

Here at Hunt, our common purpose is simple: We Build Great Brands. One of our favorite ways to do this is by developing full-scale creative campaigns for partners across multiple industries! 

One such campaign is Food Is Fun for Corner Market! Corner Market is a grocery store brand serving customers from 14 stores across Mississippi.

The goal of this campaign was to showcase the many different offerings shoppers can find at Corner Market. More than this, we wanted to create something that was different - something that would stand out while sticking true to who Corner Market is as a brand. We felt that this creative play was a special way to celebrate “A Special Place to Shop”!

Elements included as part of Food Is Fun are: 

  • Social media posts and ads 

  • YouTube ads 

  • TV advertising 

  • Radio ads 

This campaign was a blast to produce, as it incorporated the talents from virtually everyone on our team. From ideation and copywriting, to actually procuring the food in Food Is Fun from Corner Market’s Hattiesburg store and producing the content, this was truly a group effort!

Check out this fun TV spot from Food Is Fun below! 

Check out more of Hunt’s graphic design work here, and reach out to to learn about putting our team to work for you!


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