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The American Advertising Awards (ADDYs) exist to recognize and celebrate the creative spirit behind the art of advertising.

The "You've Got the Power" TV spot is part of a larger campaign for John Deere dealer Sunshine Quality Solutions (Sunshine). The spot won a Silver ADDY at this year's Memphis-area awards ceremony.

So, what does this distinction mean, really?

The American Advertising Awards are "the advertising industry's largest and most representative competition." Hopefuls enter into this three-tiered competition first at the local level. Both Gold & Silver ADDYs are distributed at this level, recognizing marketing creative that is outstanding in its given market.

From there, first-round ADDY winners go on to compete with other local clubs for a chance to advance to the next round of judging. District ADDY winners will proceed to the national level of the ADDY competition.

We're so thankful to have awesome clients, like Sunshine, who allow our team to partner with them on such rewarding work. Sunshine is a John Deere dealer with 17 locations across southern Louisiana.

Check out the "You've Got the Power" spot below.

Does your business need an award-winning creative team on its side? Contact us today to learn more.

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