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The National Farm Machinery Show is held annually in Louisville, KY.

One of the largest ag marketing events in the country, the National Farm Machinery Show features “the most complete selection of cutting-edge agricultural products, equipment and services available in the farming industry.”

Unless you’re a new reader, you already know our team has a passion for all things ag marketing. Hunt Marketing is proud to partner with leaders in the agriculture industry to produce custom creative that achieves outstanding results. Staying on top of what’s new in this ever-changing industry is a must, so Senior Creative Strategist, Emily Kidd, was thrilled to have the opportunity to attend this year’s National Farm Machinery Show.

During her trip to the National Farm Machinery Show, Emily was able to visit hundreds of booths and speak to professionals representing various specialties across the agriculture industry. As with any large show, some brands stood out more than others. This was thanks in great part to some tried-and-true marketing practices.

Keep reading for 3 lessons on how to make your brand’s messaging stand out, as seen at the 2022 National Farm Machinery Show.

1. Keep messaging clear.

We get it: Your brand is awesome, so you have a lot to say about it! Still, sometimes less is more, especially in an environment where others are competing for the same viewers as your business.

Many of the National Farm Machinery Show booths that stood out did so because the viewer was able to easily digest the product or service being offered while walking through the show. From there, brand representatives manning the booth could verbally dive in deeper with potential customers or equip them with marketing collateral containing more details.

This principle doesn’t only apply to situations featuring a crowd full of people. Clarity helps your marketing efforts stand out to viewers reviewing social media, digital ads, traditional advertising…you name it!

Photo of a company's booth at the National Farm Machinery Show
Clear copy, legible fonts and strategic use of imagery helped this brand’s booth stand out.

2. Engage your audience.

Take your brand’s marketing efforts to the next level by always seeking ways to further engage your audience. While it’s true that brand awareness plays will always be important, the goal is to make potential customers want to take that next step: comment on your post, fill out a form for more information, visit your retail location…you get the idea.

In spaces like the National Farm Machinery Show, engagement comes in the form of helping viewers make a connection with the message being shared at your booth. At this year’s show, many brands chose to forgo traditional promotional items in favor of giveaways. Some booths even offered the chance for visitors to play games and win branded merchandise on the spot. Both approaches opened up the opportunity for a representative to speak further with passersby about their brand’s message.

Plinko game at the National Farm Machinery Show
National Farm Machinery Show patrons were happy to wait for a chance to play Plinko for prizes.

National Farm Machinery Show visitors wait in line to play Plinko

Emily & Sam smile for a photo at the National Farm Machinery Show
Emily & her husband, Sam, smile as part of a giveaway at the AgRevolution booth.

3. Consistency is key.

As with anything worthwhile, consistency is key when raising your brand's profile. Even in a viral world, most brands that withstand the test of time don’t happen overnight. Making the effort to cultivate a consistent message for your brand and spread that message in strategic, diversified ways across time is what will result in your target market continually coming back to you.

John Deere is a great example of this. Just mention green and yellow, and John Deere is likely the first brand to come to mind for many people, even those outside of the agriculture space. With one look at John Deere’s booth at the National Farm Machinery Show, you can see this brand has developed a deeply loyal customer base over the years.

John Deere's National Farm Machinery Show booth
John Deere signage at the 2022 National Farm Machinery Show.

Showgoers could also take advantage of photo ops with John Deere’s line of compact construction equipment outside the Kentucky Exposition Center.

Emily smiles with John Deere Compact Construction Equipment outside the National Farm Machinery Show
Emily smiles with some of John Deere’s CCE lineup outside the Kentucky Exposition Center.

Young farmers (or those young at heart) could even take in their favorite John Deere toys hard at work at the show’s farm toy simulation display.

John Deere toys hard at work in a realistic toy demonstration.
John Deere toys hard at work in a realistic toy demonstration.

At Hunt Marketing, we’re big on connection. Through the unity we share as a team, the bonds we forge with our clients, and the relationships our clients build with their customers, our mission is to help our clients cultivate connection so they can grow.

No matter where your business or organization is in its marketing journey, from establishing your brand for the first time to strategically diversifying your media placements and everything in between, we’re here to help. Contact us today to learn more.


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