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A Pathway to Success Through a Hunt Internship

One of our greatest joys is seeing Hunt interns thrive.

Our interns have gone on to join some of the greatest brands in the world, from Amazon to Google to Tesla to The Home Depot, making an impact in cities like Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, Memphis, Nashville, New York and Seattle

Some of our current and former Hunt team members have started off as interns and grown into major roles for our marketing firm over several years. AK Harper (below left) and Sadie Smith (below right) are each testaments to that opportunity.

"I really enjoyed being an intern at Hunt, and not long into my internship I knew I wanted to be part of this team for the long haul," said Harper. "I’m very thankful for the time that Hunt invested into me as an intern that led to me being where I am today professionally."

Our interns are given the opportunity to engage with our current Hunt team members, understand their roles and be a part of serving our partners throughout the midwestern and southern United States.

"Hunt cared about giving me practical, real world experience as well as pushing me creatively as an intern," said Sadie Smith. "I continue to learn something new everyday and feel like I am a part of a big family."

We want to see our interns grow and thrive. These internships consist of opportunities in social, digital, videography, media, project management, account management and strategy. 

Being in a college town like Oxford, a number of our interns are enrolled at the University of Mississippi. However, Hunt is open to anyone in Oxford including those enrolled at Northwest Community College and local high schools.

Will and Beth’s niece, Addison, was actually one of our interns when she was at Oxford High School. Read her internship story here, which she wrote herself.

It’s important no matter if you are intern, part-time or a full-

time Hunt team member that you align with our Common Purpose, Vision and Values.

We build great brands. If the idea of building great brands excites you, and you would like to join one of the fastest growing advertising agencies in the world, please reach out here.  

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