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The Enduring Legacy of Cannon Motors of Mississippi

Cannon Motors of Mississippi (Cannon), the largest family-owned car dealership group in Mississippi, stands as a testament to the power of family values and entrepreneurial spirit. As we delve into the rich history of Cannon, we'll explore the brand’s evolution, growth, and the significant impact it has had on the automotive industry in Mississippi.

Cannon had humble beginnings, starting with one dealership in Calhoun City, MS in 1956 established by Joe Bob Cannon. The face that most Mississippians now associate with the brand, Michael Joe, was just a child at that time. Nevertheless, he got his start in the automobile industry by washing cars and doing paperwork on his father’s lot. It was during those years that Michael Joe's passion for automobiles and commitment to providing exceptional customer service laid the foundation for what would become a thriving family business.

In 2011, Cannon began their marketing partnership with Hunt. It’s been a privilege to support their growth all these years! 

Expansion and Multi-Generational Success

Over the years, Cannon has grown into a multi-generational success story. The transition from one generation to the next has happened thanks to a strong commitment to preserving family values and adapting to the evolving automotive landscape. Check out this blog to learn even more about their brand spans generations. 

The Cannon family standing together in front a of an SUV.

Largest Family-Owned Car Dealership in Mississippi

One of the most remarkable achievements of Cannon is the brand’s status as the largest family-owned car dealership in Mississippi. This accolade is a testament to the dedication, hard work, and customer-centric approach that has been ingrained in the Cannon culture from the beginning.

23 Dealerships Across Mississippi 

Cannon serves customers from 23 dealerships across Mississippi, each contributing to its reputation for excellence in customer service. Each dealership has become a trusted destination for individuals seeking high-quality vehicles and top-notch service. 

Below, you’ll find a complete list of Cannon’s 23 dealerships: 

  • Cannon Pre-Owned of Calhoun City

  • Cannon Ford of Cleveland

  • Cannon Chevrolet Buick GMC of Cleveland

  • Cannon Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Cleveland

  • Cannon Pre-Owned of Grenada

  • Cannon Chevrolet of Greenwood

  • Cannon Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Greenwood

  • Cannon Nissan of Greenwood

  • Cannon Pre-Owned of Jackson

  • Cannon Nissan of Jackson

  • Cannon Chevrolet of Laurel

  • Cannon Nissan of Laurel

  • Cannon Toyota of Moss Point

  • Cannon Chevrolet Buick Cadillac of Oxford

  • Cannon Nissan of Oxford

  • Cannon Ford of Pascagoula 

  • Cannon Nissan of Pascagoula

  • Cannon Ford of Starkville

  • Cannon Honda of Vicksburg

  • Cannon Toyota of Vicksburg

  • Cannon Chevrolet Buick GMC of West Point

  • Cannon Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of West Point 

Leadership on Display

Part of our vision at Hunt is to attract great leaders. This is both true of our team and in our partners. Michael Joe Cannon is an excellent example of true leadership. His contributions to the automotive industry extend beyond the dealership world. Serving on the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Board of Directors, Michael Joe has played a pivotal role in shaping industry standards and advocating for the interests of both dealers and consumers.

A Growth Mindset 

Just like Hunt, Cannon maintains a growth mindset. It is because of this that we’ve been blessed to partner with their great brand through videography, social media advertising, brand strategy, copywriting, graphic design and more over our 12 year relationship. Check out their 2024 Super Bowl spot here!

As Cannon continues to thrive and adapt to the ever-changing automotive landscape, the brand’s journey remains an inspiring story of family values, commitment to excellence, and entrepreneurial success. From its inception to its current status as the largest family-owned car dealership in Mississippi, Cannon exemplifies the enduring legacy of a business built on passion, dedication, and a genuine love for serving the community. It’s our honor to partner with them!

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