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Building a Great Brand: Corner Market

If you’ve been fortunate enough to shop at a Corner Market, then you’ll know exactly what we mean when we say this brand stands out amongst the crowd. Somehow, this family business has managed to take a task as mundane as grocery shopping and turn it into an experience to be enjoyed. Keep reading to learn a bit more behind the building of this great brand. 

A blurry person is featured walking through the produce department at grocery store, Corner Market

Corner Market's story begins with humble origins, rooted in the deep-seated traditions of Southern hospitality. Founded in 1968 by the late H. David "Doc" Roberts, what would become Corner Market opened its first store under the name “Sunflower Market” on West Pine Street in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. The group began with a simple yet ambitious mission: to provide the local community with fresh, high-quality groceries at affordable prices. This mission has remained a priority for over 50 years now.

From the very beginning, Corner Market set itself apart by prioritizing quality above all else. Unlike larger chain supermarkets, Corner Market focused on sourcing the freshest produce, meats, and dairy products from local farmers and suppliers whenever possible. This commitment to quality not only endeared the brand to customers but also helped support the local economy and agricultural community.

As word of Corner Market's exceptional offerings spread, so too did the brand's footprint across Mississippi. What began as a single store soon blossomed into a network of locations, each serving its own unique community with the same dedication to excellence. The brand now serves customers from 14 locations across the Magnolia State.

Corner Market’s commitment to quality doesn’t extend only to the products they offer, but also to the people they employ. In fact, they make no secret about the fact that the people on their team are the true differentiating factor for this brand. “Service with a smile,” isn’t just a saying for Corner Market. When customers enter any of their stores, they can expect friendly, knowledgeable service store-wide.

While Corner Market remains deeply rooted in tradition, it has also embraced innovation to stay ahead in an ever-evolving industry. From modernizing store layouts and incorporating cutting-edge technology to expanding its offerings to include online ordering and delivery services, Corner Market continues to adapt to the changing needs of its customers while staying true to its core values.

As Corner Market looks to the future, its commitment to quality, community, and customer satisfaction remains unwavering. With each passing year, the brand continues to grow and evolve, yet its timeless appeal endures, serving as a testament to Southern hospitality and excellence in the Mississippi grocery landscape.

We’d be remiss not to mention that Corner Market is also committed to quality in terms of their brand presence. Developing fun, impactful campaigns for this family business is always a blast for our team. In fact, two of the first campaigns we ever created for Corner Market, Time Invested and For Everyone won Telly Awards.

Hunt is proud to partner with Corner Market on:

  • Social, digital & traditional media advertising

  • Video & radio production

  • Creative strategy & execution

  • Advertising & brand strategy

  • Blogging & website management

At Hunt, our common purpose is simple: We Build Great Brands. Corner Market is an excellent example of a truly great brand. Are you ready to put our team to work for your great brand? Reach out here!


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